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An invitation to self-awareness and healing with Helen Tremeer

Astrology is a tool for self-awareness and self-understanding which offers a way towards more self-acceptance – which can be a healing experience in itself!

Hands-on healing, which may or may not include physical touch according to personal preference, is usually very relaxing and can help with a range of conditions – including recovery from injury, general well-being, stress-related and chronic conditions.

Flower essences work on the emotional level and are very gentle in their action. Physical disease conditions can often be attributed to emotional imbalances.

Homoeopathy works on the principle of ‘like cures like’, using substances, which, in their raw state could cause the symptoms which they help to alleviate when diluted and potentised (succussed violently in order to release their healing ‘essence’). Remedies can work on a first-aid/symptomatic level as well as at a deeper, more constitutional level.

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“Astrology… can provide a map, if you will, to an invisible world, the very ‘kingdom of heaven which is within’. It can describe for us, not so much what our experiences are, but how we tend to process those experiences.”

Alice O. Howell

“Each astrological symbol represents a spectrum of possibilities; each birthchart contains the roots of ten thousand possibilities.”

Steven Forrest

“If we accept that everything comes from the One Source, then disease itself must be part of the Greater Plan rather than a mishap which occurs along the way.”

Dr Christine R. Page

“When we are walking our true soul path, the Universe is obliged to respond to our intention by providing us with the energy and the means to transform inspiration into manifestation; spirit into matter.”

Dr Christine R. Page

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