About Me

My name is Helen (Williams) Tremeer and I work  to support your personal growth and healing and, to this end, have studied a combination of techniques and therapies since the early 90s.

Having studied astrology with Sally Olsberg (a practising psychotherapist) and with Ingrid Naiman (looking at stress and health issues in the chart) I went on to qualify with the Rowan School of Healing and Lakeland College of Homeopathy.

I offer workshops and classes to help you get your head around this fascinating subject.

In small groups so that there’s plenty of time for questions and discussion; with a copy of your own natal chart so that you can base the teaching on your own experience; using examples from music, poetry, myth, etc. to illustrate the energies of the planets and signs; visualisation to make contact with your ‘inner planets’; contacting the energies of the signs and planets by working with a large chart format (the latter is not available for skype groups).

What is healing?

Below are the words I wrote when asked to contemplate the question, ‘What is healing?’ during my training with the Rowan School of Healing.

What is healing?

A process…
A forward movement…
A realisation…
A transformation…
The search for wholeness…
To become more of who we are…
A gateway where eternity peeps through time 
What is healing?
The next step that we need to take along the path towards ourselves

Introducing some of my teachers, colleagues and friends…

Those I’ve studied and/or worked with

Delcia McNeil

Trained as a healer with Del. She works as a healer, artist, runs classes and workshops. Check out the website she shares with her partner, Russell.


Ingrid Naiman

Studied astrology with Ingrid for a time – see Introduction. Amazing knowledge and insights!


Lakeland College of Homeopathy

Trained as a homeopath with LCH. Grass roots courses, full training, post-grad seminars… Take a look at their website:


Dr. Gabriel Blass

Gabriel offers great seminats working with the interface between homeopathy and astrology. His website only addresses the homeopathic bit:


Colleen Sutherland

Did some work with Colleen using ‘intentional breath work’ – a really powerful way of working with your ‘inner healer’.  (She also creates some beautiful music…)


Jane Duncan Rogers

Had some coaching with Jane which helped enormously with ‘getting myself out there’ business-wise. This website was one of the knock-on effects…


Colleagues and/or friends (often both!)

Alexandra Worsley’s

Beautiful surroundings and lots of therapies on offer:


Steve Melling

Steve is a jazz musician, composer and a good friend who asked me to write some lyrics for a song, which was recorded by Esther Miller in June, 2009. Check out the album: ‘A Place in the Sunlight’.


Lisa Frideborg Eddy

Tarot, healing and all things holistic – Lisa brings wisdom and compassion to everything she does.


Healthlines – The Flower Essence People

I buy remedies and essences from Healthlines. Check out their website for more information plus books and seminars, etc…


Fiona Dilston

My many-talented friend and colleague (homeopathy, textiles and more…) – do take a look at her website!

Patricia House

Recently bought a set of Patricia’s beautifully designed tarot cards – you can have a look for yourself at the link below:


Spirit Walker Crystal shop

Lovely, reiki-blessed products and great service!