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May Newsletter 2018

By 9th May 2018newsletter

“Whomever or whatever Aphrodite (Venus) imbues with beauty is irresistible… JEAN SHINODA BOLEN


Last weekend saw me in the beautiful Devon countryside learning about gathering wild food with Ffyona Campbell – an enriching experience which just happened to coincide with the astrological Beltane (the energy of each element becomes more concentrated at the midpoint – 15 degrees – of the fixed signs and, in the case of Taurus, this is the element of earth)!


Being taught that the plants entice us to pick them (in order to further their growth or scatter their seeds, etc.) resonated for me with Jean Shinoda Bolen’s words above – and, of course, Venus is Taurus’ ruling planet!  Having been born with Venus in Virgo, it makes sense, perhaps, that I’ve been more drawn to the healing properties of plants (in my dietary needs and my homeopathic and flower essence studies) than their beauty.


If you were born with sun in Taurus, Venus’ position might also be in this sign, but could be in any of five signs – two either side of Taurus (Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Cancer).  Venus is about what you’re drawn to, what you value, including how you dress, what music or art pleases you, how you like to socialize and what you find exciting and developmental (if you have Venus in sociable Gemini as it is just now, then lots of chat and discussion, learning and curiosity might be what you’re drawn to).  In a man’s chart it also embodies something of what he might be attracted to in a partner.


In exploring your values it’s also good to look whether your natal Venus ‘relates’ to (makes aspects with) any other planets in your chart: Venus with Uranus, for instance, might value space and freedom or be attracted to unusual or unexpected things or people (there might also be a tussle between the values of the sign Venus sits in and the one where Uranus resides).


Each planet’s energies are coloured by the sign it sits in, best expressed in the house it falls in and modified or challenged by the planets it ‘relates’ to (aspects) – reflections of different parts of ourselves.  When the signs are ‘transited’ (moved through) by the planets as they continue their ‘round’ of the zodiac, our natal blueprint is triggered and our reactions depend upon our natal positions and how we’ve expressed them, developed them or had them challenged by our environments (if our natural ‘fieriness’, for instance, is shamed by those around us we might learn not to express it with all the consequences that might entail).


For those with strong Taurean placements it might be time to get ready for a roller-coaster ride as Uranus moves into your sign (15th May, 2018)!  Back in 1999, one of my astrological teachers (Ingrid Naiman) urged me to focus on Uranus’ enlightenment and truth as he moved into my first house, so I’m passing this one onto you as he readies to move into your sign…


Enlightenment and truth as the ‘winds of change’ move from Aries to Taurus (and love and blessings as always 😉 )!


Helen x


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