Astrological Readings

An in-depth astrological reading (this is prepared in advance so do check for availability).  My aim is to facilitate your understanding of yourself and your life-circumstances through the symbolism of astrology, as well as to look at the planetary triggers (transits) over a 12-18 month period – I treat it as a dialogue and follow up with some written notes as a reminder of our discussion (this also takes time and often serves as a continuation of the process of the reading).  The session takes from 60-90 minutes (in person or via skype) and could be combined with healing and/or suggestions for flower essences/homeopathy to support your process where appropriate.

Follow-up/Transit Readings

Follow-up/transit readings – one-to-one consultation as above, to include healing, etc. and/or exploring the planetary triggers to your chart over a 12-18 month period.

Homeopathy, flower essences and energetic healing are also offered separately.

All the above at £56.00 per hour on a pro-rata basis

Five-session package

Five 90-minute consultations to be taken within a 6-month period (timed from the date of the first consultation).

These could be used for any of the above singly or in combination, but work well in my experience to deepen the work with your astrological chart whilst providing healing support on your journey.

£45.00 each for five sessions (paid monthly) or £200.00 in advance

Written Readings (via Email)

Could be used for an overview/basics reading of your natal chart or for exploring a particular question (e.g., relationship or career).  Personally hand-written (with an opportunity for a feedback session if there are elements you would like to discuss – on payment of the balance of an hour’s pro-rata consultation, i.e., £16.00).



Please get in touch if you’re interested in learning about astrology.  Information about subjects, dates and times of workshops and classes offered will be included in the newsletters (I write a monthly newsletter and you can easily sign up through the contact form on the website) and also posted on my facebook page (you can also access this page from my website).  In classes and workshops we’ll be exploring the symbolism of astrology, enabling you to work with your own chart at a deeper level – and using a large chart format (see photo) to ‘sense’ the planets.

£45.00 per day

Payment by cheque or cash and can be arranged through paypal or direct transfer to my business account (you don’t need an account yourself to use the paypal service) – concessions are available.

NB: for a reading of your natal chart I need your date, place and time of birth (as near as you can get it).